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Eating To-Go

Where to Eat To-Go

Sharpe Refectory


Brown Dining Services is pleased to offer your meal To-Go. This option is designed to work around
your busy schedule so you can conveniently grab a meal on the run. It is not intended to replicate the
extensive variety or unlimited quantity of dining in.


General Guidelines for Eating To-Go

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Learn about Eco To-Go

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  • Mission
  • By providing Brown Students who are currently on meal plan reusable, environmentally-safe, sustainable to-go containers, Brown Dining Services is hoping to decrease the volume of waste that currently fills our landfills. The switch to reusable To-Go containers takes us one step closer to going green!
  • Why Eco To-Go
  • Why switch to reusable to-go containers, you wonder?
  • Eco To-Go makes Brown Dining Services that much greener by helping decrease the volume of waste that currently fills our landfills through reducing the usage of disposable containers.
  • In addition, the Eco To-Go program continues to provide you the convenience of carrying out your food when you are on the run. Whether you're late for class or grabbing a bite between meetings, Eco To-Go lets you get food when you need it.
  • General Guidelines
  • Eco To-Go makes going green easy. All you need to know are these simple guidelines:
    • ecoContainers may be used at both the Sharpe Refectory and the Verney-Woolley Dining Halls whenever you are eating to-go
  • Note: ecoContainers are currently not yet available for use at any of the retail eateries
    • Students are allowed one container per meal
  • Note: ecoContainers are designed for take-out meals only. If you're not eating on the run, don't worry - you can swap a dirty ecoContainer for a keytag for the next time you eat to-go.
    • We will wash and sanitize the container after each use
    • ecoContainers are both microwave and dishwasher-safe
  • And don't forget to return your ecoContainer at the end of the school year!
  • Questions?
  • Contact Bob Chase, Brown Dining's Sustainability Manager, at robert_chase@brown.edu
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