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Meal Credits and Flex Points

Special at the Ratty

Meal Plan Add-Ons

Call (401) 863-3343 or stop by our 144 Thayer St office for more info about these plans:

Pre-Fall Meal Plan. This plan for upperclass students offers "all you care to eat" service in the Sharpe Refectory from Saturday, September 3 through Monday, September 6, 2016. Contact us for pricing at 401-863-3343.

Club Plan for Seniors. This option offers seniors an opportunity to enjoy the exceptional dining at the Brown Faculty Club. The plan is an add-on to any meal plan above, and it works like a debit system. Seniors on the Club Plan also enjoy the many benefits of Faculty Club membership without the usual fee. More info about the Club Plan. Contact us for pricing at 401-863-3343.

Meal Plan during Semester Breaks. With the exception of multi-day recesses, service continues uninterrupted through both the Fall and Spring semesters. Meal plan contracts are not in effect between semesters, during spring break or over the summer. Brown Dining offers special meal plans during many breaks.

Blue Room

RattyHow Meals Work

Meals and Flex Points can sometimes become confusing topics. We'll try to make them simple:

How Flex Points Work

Here's the rundown on Flex Points:


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