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Health Promotion is dedicated to facilitating interactive workshops that provide accurate health information in a non-judgmental and inclusive way. We can tailor presentations to best meet the needs of your group. You can request a program by contacting the health educator listed under each topic or by calling us at 401.863-2794.

Alcohol & Other Drugs

How Much is Too Much?

What do people like about drinking and how can they avoid regrets when it comes to alcohol? We’ll talk about different factors that affect your response to alcohol, including gender, tolerance and expectations.

Facts on Tap

Having a hard time separating fact from fiction when it comes to alcohol and other drugs? Get the facts about alcohol, marijuana, hallucinogens and other drugs.


Nutrition and Eating Concerns

Food and Mood

What we eat affects how we feel. Learn the best ways to eat to manage stress and boost energy.

Body Image

It’s not just about your body. Get tips and techniques for getting comfortable in your own skin.

When You Worry About a Friend

This workshop discusses the best ways to support someone with an eating concern.

Debunking Diet Myths

Learn why fad diets don’t work and are potentially dangerous, and discover alternative healthy eating habits that can last a lifetime.

Eating Well at Brown

On or off meal plan, learn how to fit healthy nutrition into your busy schedule.

Contact: Tracy

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Sexual Health

Sex Trivia*

Host your very own trivia night, complete with fantastic SHAG hosts, prizes and tons of fun with a little sexual health info sprinkled in.

Sexual Health Express*

This hands-on interactive workshop gives students the opportunity to learn about safer sex methods by moving between "stations" where they explore a method through discussion and experiments.

Sex Jeopardy*

Think you’re a sexpert? Looking to learn more about safer sex? This competitive game provides you with information on contraception and STI protection that will help you make healthy choices.

Sexual Health Bingo*

This isn’t Grandma’s bingo! This bingo game provides a fun way to learn more about safer sex, STIs, and contraception.

*Sexual Health Express, Jeopardy and Bingo are presented by SHAG, Brown's own peer to peer Sexual Health Awareness Group, in conjunction with Health Education staff.

Sex and the MTV Culture

Oral sex is no big deal, right?  Is anyone NOT having sex?  How am I supposed to feel after a hook up? Sexualized images in the media are everywhere and the message often is, “the less you care about sex, the more powerful you are.” Come talk about what sex means in college, the emotional aspects of sexuality and what healthy sexuality could really look like.


Sexual Assault and Dating Violence

I’ll Only Tell a Friend: The Best Ways to Help Someone Who’s Been Hurt by Sexual Assault

A friend is the most likely person that someone will turn to if they have been sexually assaulted. Come learn what helps, what doesn’t and what a big difference you can make in your friend’s life. This workshop can be adapted for abusive relationships.

Understanding Abuse

This interactive presentation can help you understand the range of abusive behaviors--including emotional abuse and financial abuse--and see how victims become trapped.

Understanding the Dynamics of Sexual Violence

This workshop presents common perpetrator tactics and how a person who is sexually assaulted may respond after an assault . 

Clarifying Consent

Using current media clips, this workshop engages students in a discussion about the meaning of consent.  Students will learn clear, practical guidelines for having open, honest, and consensual sexual activity.


Bringing in the Bystander: Step in to Stop Sexual Violence

Presented by Brown students, this interactive workshop uses a nationally recognized bystander intervention model to teach students how to identify risky situations, be positive bystanders, and step in to prevent sexual violence.

You can also become a peer educator and present Bringing in the Bystander to fellow Brown students.


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Receive stress-relieving neck rubs from Brown University Relaxation Project (burp). Click here to submit a request for a burp program. Please note that BURP is only available for programs when classes are in session.


This workshop provides insight into how to manage stress and offers the opportunity to try out some hands-on de-stress activities.

De-Stress at Your Desk

Simple stretches, breathing techniques and posture corrections to relieve stress and avoid repetitive stress injuries.


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