Nutrition & Eating Concerns

General Information

Food can be a wonderful thing in our lives.  It can remind us of the comfort of home, symbolize important traditions, and serve as the rallying point for fun with friends.  It can also be a source of concern or distress, particularly as we attempt to reconcile cultural messages that urge us both to consume food mindlessly AND achieve the “perfect” body.
There is a lot of misinformation out there about nutrition and healthy eating, much of it focused on hype and high anxiety. The reality is that there is no "quick fix" when it comes to good nutrition, and no foods that are totally off-limits.. The best approach to having a healthy body is to eat a generally healthy diet, enjoy moderate physical activity, and accept your natural body type. Most importantly, remember that food and eating are supposed to be a source of pleasure. In these pages you will find sound nutritional advice based on scientific evidence, combined with content intended to support the development of a confident and individually-grounded eating style.

Any Brown student with a nutrition or eating concern is encouraged to make a free and confidential appointment with the Health Education dietitian.  Click here to learn how to book an appointment.