Online Student Health Secure Messaging

Brown Health Services is using this Secure Messaging Center as a tool for communicating medical information between you and a provider, as it is more secure than email. This message becomes a permanent part of your medical record and can be accessed by Health Services medical staff when appropriate.

This communication tool is not to be used for Urgent situations.
For emergency medical services (EMS), call 401-863-4111.
To speak with a nurse 24/7, call 401-863-1330.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call us at 401-863-3953 during business hours.


Why is Health Services using Secure Messaging?
Regular email can be intercepted and accessed by people other than the intended recipient. When you log in to Brown Health Services Online Student Health you're connected to a secure server and messages cannot be intercepted.

Why did I get an email about Secure Messaging?
For your convenience, Health Services sends an email to your Brown gmail account to alert you that a secure message is waiting for pickup. If you receive an email, then you should log on to using your Brown username and password to retrieve your message.

What if I don't have a gmail account?
Every student at Brown has access to a gmail account. If you have not activated your account or are having trouble with your password, please contact the Computing Accounts & Passwords office at 401-863-4357.

What if I have a question for my health care provider?
Do not use this method of communication for emergency situations. Instead, call EMS at 401-863-4111.

Call Health Services if it is an urgent situation. Provider schedules vary and your provider may sometimes be out of the office for a few days at a time. The provider can only check this system for messages while at Health Services. Providers are unable to check these secure messages while away or on vacation.

If you have a follow up issue or a non urgent question, then log on and compose a new message choosing a provider from the drop down box. If you do not have a specific provider, then choose "A Nurse". Your message will be answered or redirected appropriately.