Travel Services

Plan ahead!  It may take a month or more to complete the immunizations and/or medications you need before leaving the United States.

If you are planning to travel or study abroad, call Brown Health Services well in advance to schedule a pre-travel visit. A provider will discuss and order appropriate vaccines and medicines for your destination, based onrecommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Before your pre-travel visit,it is helpful for you to review the CDC Travel Health website ( and review the Destinations section for health and vaccine recommendations byspecific country. This site also includesup-to-date disease outbreak information for specific areas of travel and additional information about disease prevention and treatment.

If a physical exam is required for your travel abroad, you may schedule this at Health Services as well.  Orders for travel vaccines and medicines can sometimes be taken care of at the physical appointment.

After your pre-travel appointment or physical with a provider you most likely need an appointment with Nursing Services to receive your ordered vaccinations. You can often schedule this appointment for the same day.  

Your Health Services provider will also provide you with access to an online travel video, which reviews many important travel precautions.

Health Services website has two patient education series handouts, “Plan Ahead for Travel” and“TB Risk for Medical Travelers”. Please read for additional information.

Yellow Fever Vaccine Requirement
Some destinations require yellow vaccine for which there are specific requirements for official documentation. It may be given only at approved centers (Brown Health Services is not one of them) and you must receive the vaccine at least 10 days prior to entering the country.  Make sure to allow plenty of timeto arrange for this vaccination, as there may be a delay in getting an appointment at a community site.

These sites also provide travel services such as pre travel visits, travel vaccines and medications on a fee for service basis. Prices and insurance coverage vary. Please ask about your specific plan.

Yellow fever vaccine can be obtainedat the following centers in the Providence area:

  • Travel Clinics at The Miriam Hospital in Providence (401-793-4075)
  • Travel Clinic at Memorial Hospital in Pawtucket (401-729-3610).
  • Travel RI (also known as Axiom Health Care) in Pawtucket (401-312-0545)
  • Concentra in Providence (401-722-8880)
  • Passport Health in Providence (401-228-0090)
  • Hope Medical Group in Providence (401-455-3574)
  • East Side Urgent Care in Providence by appointment (401-861-3782)

Health Services provides this list for your convenience. Please be advised that this list is not meant as an endorsement of the pricing or quality of care they provide.