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Health Services pharmacy is located on the second floor of Andrews House.

Hours during the academic year as follows:
Monday through Thursday 8:30am - 7pm
Friday 8:30am - 5pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am - 4pm

During breaks, summer and on holidays, check for hours or call ahead.

Filling / Refilling Your Prescriptions

Health Services can fill most of your prescriptions as long as we have a written or telephone prescription from your provider or we can transfer refills from the pharmacy that originally filled the prescription. Please call the pharmacy for more information.

Psychological Medications

Antidepressants: Health Services does not prescribe them, but we can fill a prescription from an outside provider in our pharmacy. If you are in need of refills and ongoing management of depression or anxiety, you can call Psychological Services at 863-3476 for assistance with your care.

ADD Medications: Health Services providers will need copies of your ADHD evaluation and testing and the prescription recommended by your medical provider and then we can refill your medicine. Call for an appointment.

What do we carry?

Health Services carries a wide array of prescription medications. What we do not carry can often be ordered.

We have a selection of over-the-counter products such as pain meds, antacids, antidiarrheals, antibacterial ointment, lotions, toothbrushes, toothpaste, spermicide and lubricants.

Our prescription and over-the-counter medications are usually priced at or below the cost at outside pharmacies.


Please check your insurance policy before coming to Brown and bring your insurance card (or a copy) so that you are aware of the extent of your coverage.

Currently, the pharmacy accepts most insurances. Please check with the pharmacy to see if your insurance is accepted.

If you have an insurance plan that we don't accept, you will need to pay the full cost of the prescription at the time of purchase, and we can provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.


Pharmacy services are the financial responsibility of the patient. You can pay for your purchase by cash, check, credit or debit card, Bear Bucks card or you can use your Brown ID to charge it to your University Bursar account; all charges show up on the Bursar account bill as "Health Service Pharmacy charge" without detailing the purchase.


If your Brown prescription allows you to get more of the medication, you can call ahead, ask for a refill, and pick it up later in the day. Some prescriptions are written as "one time only" and cannot be refilled; in this case you must make an appointment with a provider to ask about getting more.


If you have any questions about medications you are taking, over-the-counter medications, drug interactions, refills, prices, etc., you may call the pharmacy at 863-7882, or contact

Pharmacies in the Nearby Community

  CVS Pharmacy

481 Angell Street
Providence, RI
(in Wayland Square)

Note: The CVS on Thayer Street
does not have a pharmacy, but is good for over the counter items.
East Side Prescription

Delivers to Health Services on a daily basis, usually in the late afternoon.

Charges will be billed to your credit card.

632 Hope Street
Providence, RI