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Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life provides a variety of services, support and outreach to undergraduate, graduate, and medical students designed to promote academic achievement and personal development. Programs in Student Life include the Office of Student and Employee Accessibility Services, administration of the Brown University Code of Student Conduct, Student Support Services, and advisement for students throughout the medical leave and re-admission process. Additionally, Student Life provides students same-day appointments through the Dean of the Day program and evening, weekend and holiday service through the Administrator On-Call program. The department sponsors a number of diversity initiatives in collaboration with other departments to promote inclusion and provide support for various populations within the Brown community.

Office of Student Life - Office Locations

The Office of Student Life's Student Support Services and Student Conduct Offices are located in Graduate Center E (42 Charlesfield Street). Please enter the office from Charlesfield Street and take the elevator to the fourth floor.

The Office of Student Life's Student and Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS) is located at 20 Benevolent Street.

The staff of the Office of Student Life at Graduate Center E are: J. Allen Ward, Maria Suarez, Mary Greineder, Ashley Ferranti, Yolanda Castillo-Appollonio, Kirsten Wolfe, June Drinkwater, Blanca Del Cid, and Christine Rugg.

The Staff of the Office of Student Life's Student and Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS) at 20 Benevolent Street are: Catherine Axe, Stephanie Vece, Jonathan Corey, and Erin Karalekas..