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Harassment - Sexual or Racial

Harassment, whether sexual, racial, or other is inconsistent with the Principles of the Brown University Community and cannot be tolerated.

Sexual harassment is understood to encompass a wide range of behavior, including the coercion of a person into a sexual relationship, the subjection of the person to inappropriate verbal or physical sexual attention, and retaliation for a refusal to comply with sexual demands. In an academic institution, where the integrity of the academic process and the mutual respect of faculty, students and administrators is so important, sexual harassment is of great concern.

Brown regards any behavior which is sexually harassing as a violation of the standards of conduct required of all persons associated with the University, whether by faculty, staff or students. If you feel you are being harassed by a member of the Brown community, you should take quick action.

Racism has a long history and despite increasing consciousness about the problem, incidents may occur which should be addressed. Racial harassment is generally defined as the subjection of an individual or group to abusive or threatening actions based on race. Brown regards all incidents of racial harassment, whether verbal, written or physical as violations of the University's Tenets of Community Behavior. For an academic institution, where the integrity of the educational process and the mutual respect of faculty, students or staff are so important, racial harassment is of great concern.

In order that incidents of racial harassment may be addressed, if you believe that you have been subjected to acts of racism by faculty, staff or other students, you should take appropriate action.

Complaints on behalf of students alleging harassment by other members of the student body are subject to review under the University Student Conduct procedures.

Use of internal University procedures, or lack thereof, does not preclude an individual from filing charges under state criminal statutes. Contact the Department of Public Safety (Manager of Special Services, 863-2542) for further information.