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Dean’s Hearings

The Senior Associate Dean for Student Life may refer offenses that do not involve possible separation from the University to the deans and directors of the University for a hearing. In general, matters involving undergraduates will be heard by deans and directors of the university; matters involving graduate students will be heard by deans and directors from the Graduate School; and matters involving medical students will be heard by deans and directors from the Medical School.

Procedures.  The hearing procedures will be informal, but remain consistent with the basic rights afforded to charged students (see “Student Rights and Responsibilities”).  The case administrator provides the student(s) with written notice of the charge(s), a summary of the evidence, and the time and place of the meeting.  At the meeting, the student(s) has an opportunity to be heard, and the hearing officer decides if the respondent is responsible for violation(s) of the Code of Student Conduct.

Sanctions.  If the respondent is found responsible, the dean will impose a sanction up to deferred suspension for three semesters (see “Sanctions”).  The hearing officer may also impose accompanying terms (see “Accompanying Terms for Sanctions”).  Within five (5) days of the conclusion of the hearing, the case administrator will notify the respondent(s) in writing of the decisions in the case.