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general information

Basic Steps.

Littlefield Hall1. Form a housing group. Your entire group will select housing at the same time during the lottery. However, you do not need to live in the same area as your group. Groups may contain up to 10 individuals. Please click the following link for some important information regarding housing group requirements and restrictions.

2. Complete the lottery application. This application will become available Monday March 14th 2016 at noon. It must be submitted by 12:00 noon on Friday, March 20, 2016. The application may be accessed here.

3. Explore available housing options. Our Room Info page contains resources for learning about the available rooms on campus. Our Previous Results page contains the results of lotteries from years past to give you a better idea of which rooms get selected at which point during the lottery. In addition, ResCouncil will offer dorm tours and office hours during these dates around the time of the lottery.

4. Find your group’s lottery time. This will determine when you will select housing during the lottery.

Junior/Senior Selection Times:     Selection Order      Alphabetic Order
Sophomore Selection Times:         Selection Order     Alphabetic Order

5. Go ONLINE to the lottery. For more information on what to expect the night of the lottery, see our Lottery Night page.

6. Sign necessary paperwork. Your group will be required to sign a housing contract here following Lottery Night.

*Be sure to remain aware of all important lottery dates and deadlines by checking our Dates page.

Additional Resources.

Helpful Hints. A page full of proverbs coined by ResCouncil with our advice on navigating the lottery.

ResLife Lottery Website. The official source for everything you need to know about the lottery.

BUMP. Is there conflict within your lottery group? The Brown University Mediation project may be able to help!

ResCouncil Lottery Guide (pdf). A downloadable version of much of the information found on this site.