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Lottery Night & After

At the Lottery.

Lottery Night is an easy process, here are steps to survive through lottery night.

  1. Preparation. In order to prepare your group for the Lottery, download the Lottery Housing Preference List Here, which helps you list your top room choices.
  2. The Arrival. Upon arrival, ResCouncil will only be able allow groups within next 100 numbers to enter.
  3. Inside Sayles. You finally made it in! Now what? Well there are resources available.
    • Talk to any of the Rescouncil members in their t-shirts. They will be able to answer any questions you may have.
    • Visit the table in the back to view floor plans of all the dorms.
    • Please be seated if you already have a list and know what to do. Relax and watch the show.
  4. Waiting to be called. Update your Lottery Housing Preference List as groups ahead of you make their selections. You can monitor selections in real time here or on the projector in Sayles Hall. Relax it's like bingo.
  5. Line up Within 5 Groups. If you're among the next 5 numbers, please line up. When your number is called, go to the selection table. Rules you need to abide by:
    • Remember to have at least one person from your group to be present in Sayles Hall when your number is called.
    • Only one member from your group will be permitted to approach the selection table.
    • If for some reason, your whole group cannot make it. You are allowed to have a proxy to make you decision.
    • If no one shows up when your number is called. After the number is called three times, you will be declared a “No Show” and will be required to select housing during the Summer Assignment Process.
  6. At the selection table. Your group representative will select the rooms and suites for your entire group.
  7. Passing and Dropping Down. When called, your group may elect to “pass,” which automatically moves your group to the Summer Assignment Process. Your group may also elect to “drop down” and select housing with a lower-numbered group.
    • Everyone in your group must pass or drop down together. If you are dropping down, you must have the permission of the group you are joining. Dropping down is especially helpful when your group’s size or configuration prevents your group from selecting. Groups may not drop down if they have been declared No Shows or if they have passed.

Following Lottery — For Those Who Selected Housing During the Lottery.

Room Assignment Forms. [This form is not yet available.] When this form opens, your group representative will assign members of your housing group to the specific room they will be living in. If you do not complete the form by the deadline, your group members will be randomly assigned to your group's selected rooms.

Housing Contracts. When you return to campus in the fall, you will be required to sign a housing contract before picking up your keys and moving into your room.

Following Lottery — For Those Who Didn't (or Couldn't) Select Housing During the Lottery.

If you do not or cannot select a room during the lottery, there are two options available to you:

Secondary Selection Process. If any rooms remain unselected at the conclusion of the lottery, you may form a new group and pick one of these rooms during the Secondary Selection Process. This group does not have to be the same as your original lottery group, but it must contain enough individuals to fill the number of beds in the room you are selecting. Selection will occur on a first-come, first-served basis. The date and time for Secondary Selection may be found here.

Summer Assignment Process. If you did not pick housing at the lottery and do not participate in Secondary Selection, you will be included in the Summer Assignment Process. Rooms will be assigned to students over the summer based on a list of location and roommate preferences that you will submit to ResLife. While ResLife does its best to honor these preferences, no guarantees are made. During the Summer Assignment Process, priority is given to groups who had no available options left when their number was called during the lottery or whose only options were one-room triples or quads. Lower priority is given to No Shows and groups who elected not to pick housing when options were available.