Transfer students are admitted to Brown under a need-aware Admission policy. Need aware means that financial need will be taken into account in making the admission decision. To be considered for financial assistance at any time during their undergraduate years at Brown, students must apply for financial aid when they initially apply for admission as a transfer applicant. Students who do not apply for financial assistance with their initial admission application will not be considered for University Scholarship at any point during their undergraduate years at Brown, regardless of any changes in their family’s financial situation.

Transfer students can be considered for any federal/state grants and loans for which they qualify, regardless of whether they applied for financial aid at the time of admission. The Office of Financial Aid will continue to assist admitted transfer students in their efforts to obtain loans and federal/state aid. For more information, please visit: Financial Aid Policy for Transfer Students.

US Citizens and Permanent Residents

Applying for both Federal and Brown University Institutional Financial Aid is a two step process:

Step 1 - Requirements due by March 1, 2014

 The 2014-15 Free Application for Federal Student Aid

A FAFSA is required to determine your eligibility for all federal financial aid. Although the FAFSA may be filed any time after January 1st, we suggest you file your FAFSA after you have filed your Federal taxes in order to take advantage of the IRS Retrieval Tool (and prior to state scholarship deadlines).  By doing so, you will potentially reduce the need for future corrections and will limit additional requirements requested by our office.  Indicate Brown as one of your FAFSA recipients by using our federal code number 003401.  In the circumstance where your final tax information will not be complete by our deadline or your state scholarship deadline