International Collaborations

Brown has relationships with universities across the globe, from Armenia to Tanzania, Cuba to the United Kingdom.  These relationships enable Brown undergraduates to study abroad, graduate students to benefit from global peers and mentors, and faculty to engage with students and colleagues around the world in teaching/advising relationships and collaborative research projects.  These international collaborations also allow students, visiting scholars and faculty from partner universities around the world to spend time at Brown in ways that have deepened and broadened teaching, research, and supervisory relationships.

Today Brown is exploring several new and innovative approaches to such partnerships – from video-conferencing classrooms across continents, to bringing students together for innovative summer study that spans continents, to collaborating multi-laterally with institutions in sustained dialogue on specific topics.  Our effort going forward is to broaden and deepen international relationships so that Brown students and faculty think, conduct research, and teach in the context of a meaningful global community of scholars.

If you are a representative from an international institution and would like to initiate a collaboration with Brown, please contact the Office of Global Engagement.

If you are a representative from an international institution and would like to arrange a visit with Brown, please visit the Global Engagement Visits and Delegations site.

If you are a Brown faculty member and would like to propose a new international collaboration, please visit Guidelines for Proposals and Guidelines for BioMed Proposals.