Dental Insurance

Brown University offers dental benefits to eligible employees through Delta Dental of Rhode Island. The waiting period for coverage to become effective is the first day of the month coinciding with or following three months of employment.

Plan Options

Brown's plan, Delta Premier, has two options: Comprehensive and Plus. Each option includes an in-network and an out-of-network component. The Plus option provides enhanced benefits for specific services, including implants as well as orthodontia for dependent children. See below for detailed information.

Dental Plan Options Comparison

Provides an overview of the coverage provided under both the Comprehensive and the Plus options of the plan. Please note that enrollment in the Plus option requires a two-year commitment.

Carry Over Provision

Summarizes how the new Carry Over Provision will work under the terms of the plan.

Additional features relating to both options include:

Pre-Treatment Estimates

For treatments expected to cost $300 or more, Delta Dental suggests dentists file a copy of the treatment plan BEFORE the service is rendered. Pre-treatment estimates are required before treatment is received for crowns, periodontics or prosthodontics.

Coverage of Children

Children may be covered until age 26.

Covered Benefits

Delta Dental payments are based on allowances for covered services or procedures.

For additional information, including the difference between in-network and out-of-network services, please refer to the Benefits Enrollment Decision Guide.


Eligible employees covered under the Brown University Dental Plan pay a portion of the monthly premium. The amount varies according to the individual's employee group, status, and hours worked. See below for details:

Rate Sheets

Rate sheets can be found in the Related Forms section on this page.

Dental Plan Carrier

Delta Dental of Rhode Island
When using the online directory to find a participating provider, please choose the Delta Dental Premier plan.