A bonus is awarded as a lump sum payment, not added to the base salary, and the employee does not receive benefits on these dollars. A bonus may be granted at any time during the fiscal year and must be funded from existing budget dollars. The timing of a bonus should be upon the successful conclusion of the special assignment and/or project.  Specific requests should be approved by the department head and senior officer and submitted to the Compensation and Organizational Services on a Bonus Form.


Bonuses should be awarded to employees who devote considerable extra effort and time then their job requires. In order to be eligible for a bonus, an Employee must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Accomplished a unique and non-recurring endeavor requiring significant effort beyond the designated scope of an employee’s position
  • Completed a significant project or project milestone

Note: Bonuses should not be used when an employee is filling in for someone at a higher level. See the Pay Supplements policy (40.043) for more information.


In addition, the following restrictions apply:

  • The employee must have been rated “Proficient” or “Highly Accomplished” on their most recent performance evaluation; and,
  • The employee must be working on the regular payroll.

Note:  On an exception basis, an Employee with a performance rating of “Developing” may be considered for a bonus depending on the rationale for that rating.

Note: Whether or not a bonus granted, nonexempt employees must be compensated for extra hours worked in accordance with the Overtime and Compensatory Time for Employees in Nonexempt Positions policy (40.031). Part-time employees should have their additional hours reflected on the appropriate time sheets.
The special assignment and/or project must be outside the scope of the individual's Job description and not performed on a continuing basis.

Determining Bonus Award Amounts

Bonuses should be a minimum of $500 and a maximum of 10% of an employee's base salary. The dollar amount should relate to the size and scope of the special assignment and/or project completed. The duration of the special assignment or project must have exceeded one month.