Changing Job Titles

Changes in job titles can be accomplished through either a title change request or through the job audit process.

Title Change Requests

When a title change is proposed by the department separately from the job audit process, a memorandum should be prepared by the immediate supervisor of the position for which the change is being requested. The communication should explain the justification for the request, be approved by the appropriate department head and/or senior officer, and then be submitted to Compensation and Organizational Services. 

When a title change request is minor and is not intended to make the title reflective of additional duties, only a rationale is required. If the title change is required to accurately reflect substantially different duties of the job, a revised job description and rationale are required. If the title is formally approved, a Personnel Action Form (PAF) should be submitted to Records and Data Services to update the title.

Title Changes through the Job Audit Process

When a title change is proposed through the job audit process, it is presented to the senior officer on the Job Audit Recommendation form. If approved, the Human Resources Department processes all of the necessary paperwork to implement the title change.