Credit for Prior Service

Under certain circumstances Brown will recognize and provide appropriate credit for prior service to the University.

Employees Who Worked Previously for a Limited Duration on the Brown Payroll

Employees who previously, and without a break in service, for a limited duration on the Brown payroll in the same position they are being hired for may have their hire date adjusted to reflect the date they first started work in that position. The maximum length of time that may be credited is 6 months.

The supervisor must verify the original start date in a memo to the Records and Data Services section of the Human Resources Department and certify that regular employment is a continuation of temporary employment in the same position. 

The employee's probationary period begins on the date work on the regular payroll begins. Previous time worked (up to six months) will be credited towards the waiting period for dental, retirement and long term disability coverage. No benefits will be backdated, and sick and vacation time will start to accrue when the employee starts work.

Rehire Following Position Elimination or Voluntary Termination

Employees who leave Brown's employ after a minimum of one year of continuous service and who are then rehired may be eligible upon return to have certain benefits restored or waiting periods waived. To qualify, employees must be in good standing at the time they leave Brown. No credit for prior service is given if the employee is rehired more than one year after the most recent period of employment ceased.

Benefits Following Rehire for Employees Having Prior Service Credit

Sick time accrual on department records (up to a maximum of 12 days) at the time the employee leaves Brown will be restored by the hiring department. Previous time worked will be credited towards eligibility for the two-days-per-month vacation time accrual rate for employees in nonexempt positions. 

Employees will be eligible to participate in the health, retirement plan, long term disability and the dental plan the first of the month following rehire, provided they were eligible to and did participate in each program prior to leaving Brown; otherwise, all stipulated waiting periods apply. 
Employees who resume work after a layoff or who are rehired must serve a probationary period except if they return to the same job in the same department. 

Employees who are rehired under the above conditions will have that fact reflected in the Human Resources/ Payroll System. 

All periods of service to Brown may be added together for purposes of determining eligibility for the "Years of Service" awards. It is the employee's responsibility to ensure that the Human Resources Department is aware of prior service to Brown.