Equity Adjustments

The University periodically makes funds available to redress staff salary inequities.

Guidelines for Equity Adjustments

Equity adjustments may be granted for the following reasons:

  • The employee's salary is significantly below the salaries of comparable jobs in the appropriate marketplace; or
  • The employee's salary is significantly below the salaries of other employees within the division working in positions which require similar experience and education and have comparable responsibilities.

An employee's most current performance rating must be “proficient” or “highly accomplished” in order for the employee to be considered for an equity increase. On an exception basis, employees with a “developing” rating may be considered. Equity funds are intended to correct compensation issues with respect to the relevant job market or to relevant peers with within Brown, therefore, equity money should not be distributed as "across-the-board" increases.

Managers may consult with a representative from Compensation and Organizational Services to determine an employee’s eligibility for an equity adjustment, as well as the amount and timing of such adjustments.