Interdepartmental /Interdivisional Promotion

Under certain circumstances, employees may be promoted to a vacant position, without the position being advertised or posted. An intradepartmental/intra-divisional promotion is defined as a move to a position at a higher grade within the employee's current department/division.


  • The department/division must have a need for higher level work to be performed.
  • A Job Description for the higher level position must have been evaluated by the Compensation section of Human Resources.
  • The hiring supervisor must submit a requisition through the Online Employment System with the name of the candidate and the reason for both the vacancy and the request to waive the posting.
  • The selected candidate must have at least the minimum qualifications for the position into which they are to be promoted.
  • The recommended salary must be in line with the policy on Transfer and Promotion (20.021).
  • Final authorization to promote the employee will be given to by the Director of HR Services or HR Generalist after review of all pertinent information by the Director of EEO/AA.