Military Service

Certain rights are accorded by law to staff members called to active duty with the United States Military or National Guard.

Eligibility for Reinstatement Following Military Service

Employees are eligible for reinstatement following active duty with the United States Military or National Guard. Reservists must make application for reinstatement within 90 days of release from active duty and must submit a certificate of satisfactory completion of active duty.

Return to Work Following Military Service

Upon application, eligible reservists shall immediately be given the same or an equivalent position as the one they occupied prior to active duty, provided the employee would not have been laid off if employment had not been interrupted by military service. If reservists return disabled, they shall be given a position commensurate with their pay and ability.

Pay and Benefits Following Military Service

In regards to pay and benefits, returning reservists are treated as if they had been on leave of absence. Credit is given for years of service spent on active duty for the purposes of satisfying any applicable benefits waiting periods. Returning reservists shall, upon election, be immediately reinstated for health insurance coverage.