Moving Expenses

Brown University will cover all costs associated with moving household and personal goods for newly hired faculty and staff, subject to the policies and procedures below. The following is a summary of University Policy. The procedures to follow to receive the benefit or obtain reimbursement and information about tax-deductible expenses are also included below.


Conlon Moving & Storage, Inc. (Conlon) , an agent for United Van Lines (1-800-831-7356, ext. 14) coordinates all University new hire moves and bills the University directly for costs associated with moving household and personal items covered by this policy. Consequently, there is no cash outlay to or by employees. There is no weight maximum attached to moving household items.

Employees moved by Conlon are automatically covered for the full value of household items up to a maximum of $100,000.  Those employees who require that items not covered by this policy, be moved, or need additional insurance coverage, are responsible for those expenses. Discounted rates are offered for these additional expenses.

The employee should contact Conlon directly for assistance with relocation to the Rhode Island area.

Expenses covered under this policy are:

  • Transportation charges for one continuous move of household items and personal effects from the primary residence to the Rhode Island area.
  • Packing costs.
  • Container costs.

In order to qualify for benefits under this policy, an employee must use Conlon. If another company is chosen, all allowable reimbursement costs will be based on rates quoted by Conlon.


Faculty carrying the titles of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer1 as well as staff hired into a regular full-time position.

All employees must meet the following IRS required criteria (for the payment to be tax free);

The distance the new employee would have to commute to Brown from their previous residence, were they not to move, must be at least 50 miles greater than the distance of their prior employment required commute2. Please see the Resources section below for a link to the Moving Expenses Reimbursement Form and Worksheet.

The move itself must take place within 12 months of the start of the new job and there must be an expectation of remaining in the position for longer than one year.

If a relocated employee voluntarily terminates employment at Brown University within twelve months from the date of the move, the employee must refund to Brown the full amount of the relocation payment. Utilization of this policy confirms your acceptance of the above terms.


1 Faculty carrying titles with prefixes and suffixes such as (Research), Visiting or Adjunct are not eligible, nor are those in inherently short-term appointments such as postdoctoral research associates or fellows.

2 Employees who are not eligible for coverage under this policy can choose a mover of their choice. Please note that this option is fully employee paid and is subject to the terms of agreement between you, the employee, and the vendor of your choice.  

General Information

Generally, the term “reasonable moving expenses” includes those expenses directly related to the moving of household items and personal effects from the employee's former residence to the new residence. Brown's policy does not cover expenses for transport of such possessions as boats, animals, or other items which are not generally considered household items. Regular faculty whose needs include moving laboratory equipment or special collections are advised to contact their department for information about coverage of such expenses.

The following expenses are among those not covered:

• Costs of personal travel;
• Costs to move a boat, automobiles, animals or other non-household items;
• Costs of pre-move house hunting trips and temporary housing;
• Storage expenses for furniture and other household items;
• Costs of cleaning a new or former residence; and/or
• Payments to non-professional movers (e.g. friends or family members) who assist you with a move.

NOTE: Under certain circumstances, a department may choose to reimburse moving expenses not covered by the policy. Expenses not covered by the Brown University moving policy may be considered taxable fringe benefits and any reimbursement by Brown may be treated as a supplemental wage payment, subject to applicable withholding deductions.


Contact Barbara Hodgson, Conlon Moving & Storage Inc. , at 1-800-831-7356, ext. 14. to coordinate the move.

If you choose to use an alternate mover, you are responsible for all payments and expenses related to the move. When the move is completed and you have begun work, please submit an itemized invoice with original receipts to your department. Your department will prepare a request for check, to be submitted to the Benefits Office or Faculty Personnel. The Benefits Office or Faculty Personnel will contact Conlon and will reimburse expenses up to the amount that Conlon would have charged for the move. Determination of the reimbursable amount by Conlon is final and not subject to change. Appropriate documentation for reimbursement must be submitted to the Benefits Office within 60 days of the date of the actual move.

If you have any questions determining if a particular expense is covered under this policy, contact Conlon for confirmation. The Brown University Controller's Office retains authority for determining the tax-deductible nature of moving expenses.

Any questions about the University's moving policy should be directed to Conlon at 1-800-831-7356, ext. 14.

Moving Expense Reimbursement Form and Worksheet

This summary is not intended to constitute an agreement on the part of the University or an offer to enter into an agreement. Certain Departments may be excluded from this policy as determined by the Office of the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration.