Pay Supplements

The University may supplement an employee’s pay when they assume additional assignments at a higher level or temporarily fill vacant positions at a higher grade than their current positions. Pay supplements are made at the discretion of the employee's department head.

Pay Supplement Guidelines for Work on Additional Assignments or Under an Acting Status

For employees to receive pay supplements, the following criteria must be met:

  • The assignment is of a minimum duration of one month and not longer than one year;
  • The department head requesting the additional assignment demonstrates that the assignment results from either an additional need for a service or function, or from circumstances such as the prolonged absence of another staff member or a vacancy in the department;
  • The new duties are at a higher level than the employee's current job duties; and,
  • Budgetary provisions exist to meet the cost of the additional compensation.

Note: When employees working in exempt positions agree to perform work from another department outside regular working hours, they may receive additional compensation. Such situations are not covered by this policy and should be discussed on a situation-by-situation basis with Compensation and Organizational Services.

Compensation and Organizational Services will evaluate the new duties and recommend or approve the pay supplement amount based on the factors described in the Determining Salaries for Newly Hired or Promoted Employees policy (40.021).

The responsible senior officer must approve the request for additional compensation.

Note: When an employee working in a nonexempt position performs an additional assignment, refer to the Overtime and Compensatory Time for Employees in Nonexempt Positions policy (40.031) for specific information.  Nonexempt employees should always be compensated for extra hours worked in accordance with the Overtime and Compensatory Time for Employees in Nonexempt Positions policy (40.031). Part-time employees should have their additional hours reflected on the appropriate time sheets.