Reviewing Employee Files

Employment records are the property of the University. Records will be maintained in confidence except as access to such records is necessary for the business needs of Brown and as disclosure may be required by law. Employees are granted access to their official Human Resources records in accordance with applicable laws.

Records Confidentiality

Individuals outside of the University will not be permitted to view an employee's personnel file unless a written release has been provided by the employee or such access is required by law or by the Office of the General Counsel.

Employee Access to Their Personnel Files

Employees may review their employment records during business hours by requesting an appointment with Records and Data Services section. Normally, 24 hours prior notice will be required for employees to view their personnel files.

Changes to Employee Personnel Files

Employees may request that relevant documents be added to their employment files. Such documents may include letters of reference, certificates of achievement and copies of educational documents that reflect career/personal achievements.
Requests to add or remove documents from an employment file should be submitted to the Manager of Records and Data Services.

Corrections to Employee Personnel Files

Address changes, telephone number changes, name changes and other related personal changes must be submitted to the Records and Data Services section by the employee's department on a Brown University Personnel Data Form (PDF) or by updating these changes on the web at

Access by Other Employees and Supervisors to Personnel Files

If employees are being considered for another position within the University, the supervisor of the new position will, upon request, be given access to relevant information about the employee's past performance record at Brown.
The Records and Data Services section acts as custodian of employment records and accesses records only when needed for legitimate, job-related reasons.