Smoking on University Property

For reasons of public health, and in compliance with RI law, employees may not smoke indoors in any building at Brown University. This prohibition extends to all public areas, including but not limited to employee lounges, hallways, lecture halls, classrooms, conference rooms, rest rooms, rental space, private offices, and sports arenas. In addition, smoking is prohibited in all residence halls and dining facilities. Smoking is prohibited in all University vehicles.

Guidelines for Determining Outdoor Smoking Areas

Employees are permitted to smoke outside, provided that there will be no migration of smoke into the workplace including a vehicular workplace. Smoking at a distance of at least 35 feet from the entrance to any University building should be appropriate to prevent smoke migration.

Conflict Resolution

Employees with questions or concerns about the implementation of this policy should contact the Vice President for Human Resources or the Director of Environmental Health and Safety. Employees should report violations of this policy to their supervisor.


Revised:   November, 2011