BIARI Alumni Initiative

Atmospher: Air Pollution and Atmospheric Processes Group

BIARI Participant(s):
Admir Créso de Lima Targino
Universidade Tecnolólogica Federal do Paraná (Federal University of Technology)
Country: Brazil
Participant in BIARI 2010: Climate Change and its Impacts: Resilience and Adaptation to Changes in Precipitation
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BIARI alumni funding was granted to 2010 Climate Change alum Dr. Admir Créso de Lima Targino for the creation of the bi-lingual Portuguese and English website: BIARI funding enabled the acquisition of the web domain and the technical development of the website. Dr. Targino is a member of the “Air Pollution and Atmospheric Processes Group” at the Federal University of Technology (UTFPR), Brazil. The group initiated four new projects, which focus on urban air quality and its impacts on human thermal comfort, and extreme weather events. The development of the website enables the vast amount of data and information generated by the group to reach students, researchers, and interested community members. Specifically, the website focuses on data sharing, the distribution of teaching material, and research communication to non-specialized audiences. The website also includes relevant news updates and upcoming events about climate change.