Tuition Prepayment

Tuition Pre-Payment Plan (TPP) - Undergraduate Students


Parents may prepay two, three, or four years of undergraduate tuition at the rate in effect when the student enters the plan. The cost of the plan will be based on the upcoming year's tuition rate. By prepaying undergraduate tuition, families avoid future tuition increases. Fees such as room, board, and other miscellaneous charges cannot be financed via TPP.

TPP opens each year on March 1 and closes on August 1. Participants may only enter the Tuition Prepayment Plan within this designated time.  Families interested in opening a plan beginning Fall 2014 must complete a Tuition Prepayment Plan Agreement and send payment by August 1, 2014 

Steps to initiating a TPP:

  1. Complete a TPP Agreement.  Download the form from the link provided.  Please type all information so that it is legible, then print the form.
  2. Return completed notarized original form along with payment for respective number of TPP years to Brown University Financial Services.  Please note that the form must be signed by the plan participant and must be notarized.  Faxed or scanned copies are not acceptable.  If payment is to be sent separate from the agreement, the agreement must be received first, along with a letter indicating details where funds are expected from (i.e. wire or a third party).
  3. A letter confirmation enrollment in the TPP will be sent to all participants no later than August 1, 2014 along with a copy of the signed agreement.

Note:  Families interested in participating in  Tuition Prepayment may want to seek the advice of a tax counsel / accountant about potential tax implications (i.e. withdrawal of funds from an education savings plan).

Questions regarding the TPP should be directed to