Borrowing Educational Loans

Educational loans can play an important role in covering your educational expenses. Our website provides information to help students and families make informed decisions at each stage of the borrowing process: 

1. Deciding how to pay for school

Assess your needs before you borrow: Do I need additional funds to cover expenses? Do I need the full amount that is offered? Can I reduce my borrowing? Which loan is right for me? Learn about the available Financing Options.

2.  Borrowing Loans

If you decide to borrow loans, you'll need to complete a series of steps to receive your loan funds. Learn how to Apply for Loans & Understand the Loan Process.

3. Leaving School

Loan borrowers will face certain responsibilities as graduation or leave-taking approaches. Learn more about Graduation/Leave Taking.

4. Repaying Loans

Although this is the last stage of loan borrowing, it's important to start planning early! Knowing more about loan repayment can help you make better borrowing decisions while you're still in school. Learn more about Repay your Loans.


Keep track of your borrowing! Borrowers can now access their federal student aid history directly on

Through, borrowers can:

  • view their federal student aid history, including loan & grant details
  • get their federal servicer's contact information
  • download their federal student aid history using the MyData Download function