Servicer & Making Payments

What is a Servicer?

A servicer  is the agency or organization responsible for billing, collection and management of loan repayment, and deferment/forbearance processing. You will send loan payments directly to your servicer(s).

Your servicer(s) will contact you to  provide important information about your repayment terms. It is your responsibility to notify your servicer(s) directly any time your phone number, email address, or mailing address information changes.

Your servicer(s) will send you information about your loans by mail and/or email - Be sure to open and read it!

Federal Loan Servicer for Stafford & PLUS Loans

There are several agencies that service federal loans. The Department of Education determines which agency will service your loans.

If you do not know which agency services your loans, visit NSLDS to view your loan details and obtain your loan servicer contact information.

Learn more & view federal servicer contact information.

Once you identify your loan servicer, you can set up online account access, select your chosen repayment plan, set up automatic payments, and more.


ECSI - Servicer for Perkins & Institutional Loans

The Perkins Loan and all Brown University Institutional Loans are repaid to the Brown University Loan Office in equal monthly installments over a maximum 10-year repayment term. 

Brown has partnered with ECSI to offer convenient online access where borrowers can manage repayment of these loans. You can set up online account access, enroll in electronic billing, and set up automatic ACH payments.

Learn more about ECSI - Servicer for Perkins or Institutional Loans - including accessing your online account, payment options, and FAQs.

Online Account Access
(Brown University School Code: E7)