Program Leadership and Coordination

Brown defines its mission, in part, as "educating and preparing students to discharge the offices of life with usefulness and reputation." This does not happen only in a classroom and through formal coursework, but also through employment, volunteerism, scholarly awards, and student leadership opportunities.

Due to the federal and state regulations regarding whether or not a student opportunity creates an employee/employer relationship between the University and the student, it is critical that student opportunities are classified into categories that enable us to ensure that Brown is in compliance. A student who is considered an employee of the University is entitled to hourly wages, while a student who is given the opportunity to participate in activities that further their own learning and development may be unpaid, or may be provided with a stipend.

Student Program Leaders and Coordinators


  • Activities that have a clear and directed intent to develop the student's capabilities in leadership and program development. Activities are specifically designed and conducted in such a way that continues to evaluate and advance the student's skills and knowledge. Students provide leadership and coordination to co-curricular programs and student organizations, and provide an inherent contribution to the student life experience. Possible activities include management of a service, leadership of a student organization, supervision or guidance of students and longer term projects. Position serves as a liaison between the university staff and the program/organization. Student attends trainings and meetings with professional staff for the purpose of furthering the leadership development of the students. If the student wasn't performing the function, a staff member would not be hired to perform these duties.

Approved Undergraduate Opportunities:

  • Examples of approved Program Leader/Coordination opportunities include Meiklejohn Leadership, Swearer Center Leaders, Residence Advisors (Residential Life & OCE) and Writing Fellows.