Scholarly Award

Brown defines its mission, in part, as "educating and preparing students to discharge the offices of life with usefulness and reputation." This does not happen only in a classroom and through formal coursework, but also through employment, volunteerism, scholarly awards, and student leadership opportunities.

Due to the federal and state regulations regarding whether or not a student opportunity creates an employee/employer relationship between the University and the student, it is critical that student opportunities are classified into categories that enable us to ensure that Brown is in compliance. A student who is considered an employee of the University is entitled to hourly wages, while a student who is given the opportunity to participate in activities that further their own learning and development may be unpaid, or may be provided with a stipend.

Scholarly Awards


  • Activities have a clear and directed academic component. The primary purpose is to further the student's education and training. Activities are specifically designed to advance the skills and knowledge in the field of study. The student is the primary beneficiary and the work is not necessary to achieve departmental objectives.
  • Students cannot be terminated because it is not a job.  Award is given through a formalized application and competitive process. If it is determined by the department that the student did not complete the activities for which the award was given, the department may ask for all or partial funding back from the student.

Approved Undergraduate Opportunities:

  • Examples of approved Scholarly Awards include UTRAs (Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards),  RABs (Research at Brown Grants), Royce and Mellon Fellowships and Science Fellows Program.  View full list of approved Scholarly Awards. See below for instructions regarding requesting approval of a Scholarly Award not listed here.