Upcoming Events 2014-2015

2014 Schedule of HIAA Roundtables, Lectures and Notable Events



 Roundtable, Ali Mathwig: Run-through, Frick talk. [Title, TBA]



 (Thursday) HIAA Annual Anita Glass Lecture/COLOR LECTURE:  Paul Hills (Courtauld Institute) 5:30 pm



Vivien Lovell (Modus Operandi), 10:00 RISD Museum, cosponsored with Brown VA, RISD Museum, RISD, and the CAC



Lecture:  Lukasz Stanek , University of Manchester,  Henri Lefebre's " Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment":  Architectural Imagination After May 1968  List Art Building Room 110  4:30p


Architecture Urbanism and the Humanities:  Symposium organized by Dietrich Neumann and Laura Briggs, more information to come



5:30, Evelyn Lincoln, a talk for Renaissance & Early Modern Studies at the Annmary Brown Memorial, 21 Brown Street



Open Roundtable TBD