A ‘Clear’ choice for clearing 3-D cell cultures

A ‘Clear’ solution:

Scientists have hailed recent demonstrations of chemical technologies for making animal tissues see-through, but a new study is the first to evaluate three such technologies side-by-side for use with engineered 3-D tissue cultures.

(Distributed September 5, 2014)

Fall 2014 Biomedical Engineering Seminar Series

*Unless Noted, Seminars are Thursday 9:00 AM in Barus & Holley Room 190

October 2 - Megan L. Frisk, Ph.D. 
Associate Editor
Science Translational Medicine (AAAS)

(Distributed September 4, 2014)

Microchip reveals how tumor cells transition to invasion

A cellular obstacle course:
A microscopic obstacle course of carefully spaced pillars enabes researchers to observe cancer cells directly as they break away from a tumor mass and move more rapidly across the microchip. The device could be useful for testing cancer drugs and further research on the mechanics of metastatis. 
(Distributed August 18, 2014)

Assistant Professor Anita Shukla receives ONR Grant

Anita Shukla, Assistant Professor of Engineering, has been awarded a grant from the Office of Naval Research. Professor Shukla and her group will work on the development of an advanced antimicrobial field dressing for use in military applications. Military infections exist commonly in a variety of wounds and significantly complicate wound treatment. The cause of these infections can vary from different types of planktonic and biofilm bacteria to fungi, and wounds may contain combinations of several of these microbes.

(Distributed July 23, 2014)

Four Professors awarded DEANS award

Four Professors have been awarded DEANS awards including Kareen Coulombe, Anita Shukla, Eric Darling, and Diane Hoffman-Kim. The DEANS awards will foster scientific discovery through partnerships between Brown basic science faculty in the Division of Biology and Medicine and Alpert Medical School clinical faculty members. The intent is for the translational nature of these awards to lead to advances in pathogenesis and ultimately medical care. Each Professor has written a brief summary of how the DEANS award will apply to their research. 

(Distributed July 10, 2014)
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