2014 Poster Prize Winners

Each fall, the Department of Chemistry hosts a poster session where graduate students showcase departmental research. Annual poster prizes are awarded to students with best posters in four categories. Congratulations go out to this year's recipients.

(Distributed November 5, 2014)

Chemistry Research Suggests New Strategies For Fighting TB

Researchers from Brown and MIT have shown new details about how a promising new class of antibiotics attacks the bacterium that causes tuberculosis. The research could provide a blueprint for developing drugs aimed at fighting TB. Click here to read the full press release.

(Distributed September 30, 2014)

Grad student Vale Cofer-Shabica selected to present at "Research Matters!" symposium

Vale Cofer-Shabica, a graduate student in Professor Richard Stratt's group, has been selected to give a talk at Research Matters!, a TEDx-like symposium hosted by the Brown Graduate School. Vale is among the eight students selected from a group of over 50 nominees. He and his fellow presenters will speak to the topic "why my research matters." The symposium will take place on Saturday, Sept 27 from 3:00pm-5:00pm in the Martinos Auditorium at the Granoff Center.

(Distributed September 15, 2014)

Undergraduate researchers present at Summer Research Symposium

Each summer at Brown, undergraduate researchers in the humanities, life sciences, social sciences, and physical sciences have the opportunity to present posters at the Summer Research Symposium. This year, 11 students from the Chemistry Department displayed their posters to hundreds of visitors. The students represent a range of fields in chemistry, from nanoscale materials to DNA repair.

(Distributed August 12, 2014)

From the Lai-Sheng Wang Lab: "Borospherene"


"The discovery of buckyballs — soccer-ball-shaped molecules of carbon — helped usher in the nanotechnology era. Now, Lai-Sheng Wang’s research group and colleagues from China have shown that boron, carbon’s neighbor on the periodic table, can form a cage-like molecule similar to the buckyball. Until now, such a boron structure had only been a theoretical speculation. The researchers dubbed their newfound nanostructure 'borospherene.'"

Click here to read the full press release.

(Distributed July 14, 2014)

Department reaches out to local elementary school

Prof. Wes Bernskoetter and two chemical physics concentrators engaged young minds in chemistry at a science conference held at Vartan Gregorian Elementary School in Providence on June 11, 2014. 
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(Distributed June 12, 2014)

2014 Potter Prize and Elaine Chase Leadership & Service Award recipients announced

In addition to celebrating their newly conferred Doctor of Philosophy degrees in chemistry, four graduate students received distinguished departmental awards: the Potter Prize and the Elaine Chase Leadership & Service Award.


 Graduate students completing Ph.D. theses judged to be of outstanding merit are eligible for the Potter Prize. This prize is awarded annually to the most exceptional chemistry PhD dissertation as judged by a faculty committee. ($2,500).  

(Distributed May 29, 2014)
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