Undergraduate Study in Chemistry at Brown

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Concentrating in Chemistry at Brown

Courses and research opportunities within the department span the range from fundamental studies involving the characterization and preparation of synthetic and naturally occurring molecules, to interdisciplinary studies at the interfaces of chemistry with biology, medicine, physics, engineering and nanoscience.

The department oversees three different Concentrations – Chemistry, Biochemistry (jointly with MCB), and Chemical Physics (jointly with Physics). The Chemistry concentration has three tracks (Chemistry, Chemical Biology, and Materials Chemistry). The Sc.B. degrees in each of these concentrations provide a thorough foundation for further graduate study or for entry-level technical positions in each area. We also offer the A.B. degree in Chemistry, which provides a core education in the discipline. Several of our graduates are awardees of prestigious Goldwater and Rhodes scholarships, and many of them routinely go on to the top national and international graduate programs in chemistry and biochemistry.

Undergraduate students at all levels (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors) are actively involved in research with the more than 20 faculty members in the department. There is a vibrant Chemistry Department Undergraduate Group (ChemDUG) within the department that holds meetings every 4-6 weeks during the school year.

Resources for Current and Potential Concentrators
  • Click here for a copy of the Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Handbook.
  • Click here for the Chemistry Concentration Checklist. Refer to it regularly to ensure that you are on track for graduation and satisfying concentration requirements
  • Click here to join the Chemistry Department Undergraduate Group listserv to hear about current happenings
  • Click here to view a current list of research and internship opportunities for undergraduates.
  • Click here to learn about Sigma Xi International Honor Society qualifications and how to apply
  • Click here for a copy of Chemistry Department Guidlines for Senior Theses.

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