Professor Pucci Named One of Best Professors in Nation

Professor Joseph Pucci has been named one of the top 300 professors in the nation in the Princeton Review's new guidebook The Best 300 Professors. The guidebook includes a profile of Prof. Pucci, who is particularly commended for his courses Fortunatus and The Idea of Self

Prof. Pucci is the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Classics, and has long been recognized at the university as an exceptional, dedicated, and beloved teacher. He is one of five Brown professors to be profiled in the new book. 

(Distributed April 10, 2012)

Classics Concentrator Awarded UTRA for Summer 2012

Adam Katz, a Brown sophomore, has been awarded an UTRA (Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award) from the Dean of the College for a summer research collaboration with Johanna Hanink (Assistant Professor of Classics). The UTRA has been granted for a project entitled "Theatrical Self-Referentiality in Greek Drama".

As part of this research collaboration, Katz will be creating a coded database of instances in Classical Greek tragedy in which actors draw attention to their status as performers within a play. 

(Distributed April 10, 2012)

2012 Language Prize Exams

Language Exams Details:


2012 Language Prize Exams

See the above information for details regarding the dates and times of the competitive examinations.

(Distributed April 3, 2012)