Double Concentrating

Deadline to declare a second concentration: the end of the pre-registration period in the student’s seventh semester.

Many students wonder whether they can or should declare more than one concentration. Students at Brown are allowed to double concentrate if they are able to complete all requirements for all concentrations in the standard eight-semester sequence of study. A maximum of two courses may be applied to fulfill requirements for both concentrations.

Students are encouraged to consider double concentrating if they have intellectual passions that span two distinct areas of study, and if fulfilling the requirements for both concentrations still leaves room for a wide range of courses in other fields. Double concentrating is not for everyone, however. Most students find that studying in-depth in one area allows them to maximize their opportunities for both academic rigor and choice.

Double concentrating does have a potential downside. Students may find that completing two concentrations limits their ability to take full advantage of Brown’s curricular options. Students also mistakenly believe that double concentrating increases their chances of obtaining meaningful work or admission to graduate or professional programs. This is simply not so; the best candidates for graduate study and professional opportunities excel in a concentration and select additional courses that complement and extend their course of study in ways that reflect their own evolving academic interests.

Students who are interested in double concentrating should discuss this option carefully with their academic advisor or with any academic dean in the Office of the Dean of the College.