Theories in Action Conference

Save the Date:  Theories in Action Conference 2015 is April 25, 26, 27!

Theories in Action Conference 2014

April 25-27, 2014, at Brown University

Conference Schedule

The full TiA Conference schedule is available here.

About the TiA Conference

The 2008 report of Brown's Task Force on Undergraduate Education argued for “a more inclusive concept of education—indeed, one so inclusive that conventional distinctions between general education and the concentrations, between the curricular and extracurricular, even between classroom and community need to be rethought.”

Responding to this call, the Curricular Resource Center and the Dean of the College sponsor a campus-wide conference called  Theories in Action in which seniors present their capstone projects to the larger Brown community. These projects develop from long-term leadership experiences, summer internships, grant projects, theses, fellowships, independent studies, final performances, or community service work.  

TIA gives selected senior participants the opportunity to engage campus and community members in reflection on their projects' social relevance. Students work together in cross-disciplinary groups to create engaging presentations that make their academic work accessible to a broad audience.  Skill-building workshops and feedback from peers help students hone their presentation skills while networking with others and developing contacts for future collaborative efforts.