First-Year Advising

To ensure that first-year students have the guidance and support they need to make informed choices, the University assigns each student two advising partners: an academic advisor who is a Brown faculty member or administrator, and a student peer advisor. Academic advisors provide a long-term institutional perspective on educational options, while peer advisors offer a student perspective on the ins and outs of course registration, course reputations, prerequisites, and the like. Faculty, staff, and student advisors thus work together to inform, encourage, and challenge incoming students.

Some incoming students may elect to take a course with their first-year advisor as part of our Curricular Advising Program (CAP). Others who have interests in serving the community may choose to participate in our University-Community Academic Advising Program (UCAAP). Click on the links at left to learn more about these programs.

For more information about our first-year advising programs, please contact Dean Carol Cohen or Dean Yolanda Rome