Public Service

The Howard R. Swearer Center for Public Service supports Brown students and faculty who are interested in community participation, activism, and action as key components of a liberal education. Students are central to the planning, coordination, and implementation of Swearer Center services, which include 40 community-based partnerships. Among the Center’s initiatives are language and literacy programs, youth development programs in Providence schools, housing and hunger programs, oral history projects, and community health programs.

First-year students have a unique opportunity to work with the Swearer Center through the UCAAP advising program, which brings together first-year students and academic advisors interested in public service and social and political issues. Students participate in a pre-Orientation program that introduces them to opportunities to engage in community-based learning and research while at Brown. During the first year, they take part in a series of events connecting their academic studies with community issues. Interested students can access UCAAP application materials at the Swearer Center’s web site.