Randall Advisors

Randall advisors are a group of knowledgeable, caring faculty who work exclusively with first-years and sophomores. Drawn from a range of academic disciplines at Brown, Randall advisors discuss academic choices and challenges in light of students' extracurricular activities, proposed concentrations, and overall life plans. Randalls work with assigned advisees and are also available to any sophomore by appointment or in office hours.

Semester I, 2014-2015

David Badre, Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences
Amit Basu, Chemistry
Leslie Bostrom, Visual Arts
Karen Haberstroh, Engineering
Jonathan Readey, English
Sandra Russo-Rodriguez, Chemistry
Christoph Schorl, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry
Naoko Shibusawa, History
Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg, Comparative Literature/Italian Studies
Sharon Swartz, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology