Your Advisor

As a first-year student, you were assigned to an academic advisor who served as your primary advising contact for the year. In the spring of your first year, we asked you to confirm this advisor for your sophomore year, or choose a different one. Most students elect to continue their first-year advising relationship until they declare a concentration.

Choosing a new advisor

Any regular faculty or senior staff member can work as a sophomore advisor, and the person you choose does not need to be based in your intended concentration. If you already have someone in mind and that person is not your current advisor, please confirm with that person that they are willing to advise you in your sophomore year.

If you would prefer not to continue with your first-year advisor but have not identified someone to serve in his or her place, you should begin your search by thinking about your instructors from your first year. Would any of them make a good advisor for you? Even if the answer is no, or the faculty member you have in mind is not able to work with you, your former professors may have suggestions for colleagues who might be suitable. Keep in mind that any dean, program director, or other staff member with whom you have formed a relationship may also serve as an advisor. If you need academic advice or help identifying an advisor, drop by the second floor of University Hall any week day between 10am and 4pm to speak with a dean. 

What if my first-year advisor is leaving?

If your advisor is leaving Brown and has told you that he or she will not be able to advise you next year, you should first follow the steps above to identify a new advisor. If you are unable to find an advisor after a reasonable attempt, please let us know; we will assign you a Randall advisor (faculty especially interested in advising sophomores) or an academic dean.