Slide Collection: Homepage slideshow

  • Maggie Smith

    Maggie Smith

    An analysis of public health interventions through sport in Nairobi, Kenya


    Sponsor: Peter Shank


    Maggie Smith

  • Jacqueline Schoninger

    Jacqueline Schoninger

    Bringing adaptive sports to college campuses


    Sponsors: Eli Wolff and Carolan Norris


    Jacqueline Schoninger

  • Katharine Grimes

    Katharine Grimes

    Social and media influences on women's participation in sports and leadership in Brazil


    Sponsor: Susan Moffitt


    Katharine Grimes

  • Matt Leonard

    Matt Leonard

    Virality as a threat: an investigation of conservation and taxonomy of slow loris and the effect of  digital media on illegal wildlife trade


    Sponsors: Casey Dunn and Rick Benjamin


    Matthew Leonard

  • Olivia Santiago

    Olivia Santiago

    Swimming programs in Trinidad and Tabogo


    Sponsor: Eli Wolff


    Olivia Santiago

  • Ben Kutner

    Ben Kutner

    Opera for our time: composing "The Days Between"


    Sponsor: Gerald Shapiro


    Benjamin Kutner