Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a fellowship?

A fellowship is a funded opportunity or award. Fellowships are available for all kinds of students in support of a variety of goals and interests.

What is involved in applying for the Royce Fellowship?

The Royce Fellowship process requires you to submit a project narrative, a personal narrative, a budget, a timeline and one letter of support from a Brown faculty sponsor. A strong letter of recommendation from a Brown faculty sponsor is essential. The faculty member should have disciplinary expertise in the area of the applicants proposed project. There is no interview process for the Royce. A committee of Brown faculty and staff review each proposal and select the 15-20 proposals they believe are the best. As the committee will never meet you in person the quality of your writing is critical, so expect to revise your essays and proposals multiple times. 

Do I qualify for the Royce Fellowship?

You qualify to apply for any fellowship for which you meet the eligibility requirements, such as citizenship, class year, field of study, age, and GPA.  Keep in mind that while you may technically qualify for a given fellowship, you need to determine if you meet the criteria for selection. The selection criteria are often more nuanced than the qualifications. To qualify for a Royce Fellowship you must be enrolled and in good standing at Brown and be returning to campus for a full academic year following your Fellowship experience. For further details specifically regarding Royce eligibility requirements, please visit the Apply page.

When should I apply for research and fellowships opportunities?

Fellowship and research opportunities are available for Brown undergraduates at all stages of their academic careers. Application deadlines vary from award to award. The Royce deadline is in mid-February. We encourage you to begin the application process in the fall by attending information sessions or meeting with the Director.

What are my chances of becoming a Royce Fellow? How competitive is it?

Many external Fellowships like the Marshall, Rhodes and Fulbright are very competitive. The Royce is an internal fellowship meaning it is only open to Brown undergraduate students. On any given year the applicant pool can range from 70 to 125 applicants. To best position yourself as a competitive applicant, read the Fellowship guidelines carefully and, if possible, speak with the Director.

Can I apply for more than one fellowship?

Yes, but in most cases you can only accept one award. If you are currently a Mellon Mays Fellow or are receiving funding through an UTRA or Starr Fellowship you should meet with the Director, Kerrissa Heffernan, to discuss possible conflicts.