Open Hours

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Semester II, 2013-14

Open hours are designed for quick questions, exploratory conversations, and emergencies. Students are seen in order, upon arrival. However, we also encourage you to arrange individual appointments with deans, especially if the issue you wish to discuss falls under a dean's particular area of responsibility, or requires an extended conversation. Please note the times and locations of dean's open hours below.

  10 am - 1 pm
University Hall
1 - 4pm
University Hall
Monday Rodriguez 209 Almandrez 213
Tuesday Bhattacharyya 201 Gaylin 206
Wednesday Brostuen 213 McSharry
Thursday Targan 213 Vassilev 213
Friday Adetunji 201 Cohen 213
  1 - 4pm
J. Walter Wilson
4 - 6pm
Fitness Center
Monday Nozaki 313 McSharry 108
Tuesday Rome 313 Dunleavy 108
Wednesday Chang 313
Thursday Delalue 313

Friday Cohee 313

The Interim Dean of the College, Margaret Klawunn, will hold open hours as available on alternate Wednesdays from 3:00-5:00 pm in Room 218 University Hall. Students are welcome to speak with her about general issues or individual concerns.