Transfer, Visiting, and RUE Peer Counselors

Brown's open curriculum invites -- even expects -- students to tap into strong peer-advising networks. As Transfer, Visiting, and RUE students, you will have access to a committed group of peer counselors who have been in your shoes and who are eager to support you in your transition to Brown. Indeed, Transfer Orientation would not be possible without the energy and efforts of the Transfer, Visiting, and RUE Peer Counselors. 

A Welcome Letter from the Transfer Counselor Coordinators

Transfer Peer Counselor Christine Joyce during OrientationTransfer Peer Counselor Christine Joyce during Orientation

Our dedicated T/V/RUE Counselors for 2013-14 are listed below. Incoming T/V/RUE students will receive an email with their bios. Feel free to contact a Counselor if you have shared interests!

Haley Adams
Lars Andersen
Mateus Baptista
Chelsea Boyd
Camille Briskin - Transfer Counselor Coordinator
Frank Chung
Connor Dunleavy - RUE Counselor
Whitney Flynn
Savanah Harshbarger
Will Hewson - RUE Counselor
Elizabeth Kinnard
Daniel Kopin
Molly Landis
Victoria Leonard
Nathan Lovejoy - RUE Counselor
Renata Martin
Aneesha Mehta - Transfer Counselor Coordinator
Perry Oasis
Anthony Pellegrino
Matthew Ricci - RUE Counselor
Lauren Rouse - RUE Counselor
Tyrone Smith - RUE Counselor
C. T. Justin To
Diane Turner
Justin Wang
Chris Wilbur - RUE Counselor Coordinator
Piervito Williams
Katharine Ziegler (fall 2013)