Brown in France: Paris

At a Glance

City: Paris
Housing: foyer during orientation, various during program
Partner Institutions: Various from Sorbonne
Language Requirement: FREN 0600


Students directly enroll in approximately five courses in the university which best meets their academic needs. It is possible to combine study at two Paris institutions at the same time.

The Sorbonne, founded in 1257 and the second oldest university in Europe, has evolved into fourteen different universities, including the following which are open to Brown program participants.

  • Paris I emphasizes art history, history, and political science;
  • Paris IV offers a traditional approach to the humanities and classical studies; 
  • Paris VI focuses on the sciences; 
  • Paris VIII offers a wide range of courses in the humanities and social sciences, often from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Tutors are available throughout the year to help students improve their writing or prepare for oral presentations.


Students live in a foyer for the two week orientation period. During that time, on-site staff will work with students to help arrange housing for with remainder of the program, with options such as living alone in a studio, sharing housing with local residents or other students, and, on occasion, a homestay.

Students are required to move from the foyer to their permanent living situation within two weeks of arrival.

Application Instructions

Apply by the deadline using Brown's online application system via the "apply now" and "return to application" buttons on the right side of this page.  Applications typically require faculty recommendations so it is important to begin the process early.