Financial Aid

All Brown students eligible for financial aid (with few exceptions) may use their aid for an approved program of semester or year-long study abroad. 

Non-Brown students are not eligible for Brown financial aid and should check with their home institutions on eligibility. Non-Brown students may wish to consult the Brown list for outside funding resources listed below

Brown Students

Your aid award will be based on the program's budget, including airfare and living costs. You will be eligible for grants and loans as if you were on campus, with the exception of Federal Work Study (FWS). The normal FWS component of an aid package will be covered with additional loan funds, upon request. Please note that the amount of scholarship awarded for study abroad can vary depending on the program's cost.

You must follow all the normal Financial Aid Guidelines and fill out all forms as you normally would each year at Brown.

In addition to the regular aid forms, there are special steps for studying abroad. Please consult the Office of Financial Aid for further information.

In addition to the student’s financial aid package, there are funding sources both within and outside the university. Below you will find a sampling of available funding resources. For further information please speak with your study abroad advisor in the Office of International Programs.

Scholarships & Grants

Brown Funding (Brown students only)
Outside Funding (All students)