Granada, Spain


Granada is a city of stunning beauty, with a Moorish legacy that can still be strongly felt as one ambles through its ancient streets, particularly those found in its oldest quarter, the Albaicín. The artistic wealth of the city, combined with its vast cultural heritage, has inspired renowned poets, playwrights and musicians throughout the centuries. 

Brown offers students two unique programs at the University of Granada.  Regardless of whether you are a native Spanish speaker or have just learned a few basic words, Granada can meet your needs.  

Programs in Granada

Brown in Spain - Granada Intensive Language: Students with beginning to intermediate language levels of Spanish language proficiency take a full load of courses at the University of Granada's Center for Modern Languages (CLM). 

Brown in Spain - Granada Translation: Students with exceptional Spanish language skills enroll in a semester program of study at the University of Granada's Faculty of Translation and Interpretation.  This program prepares students for careers that require significant exposure to a second language.