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At the Swearer Center, we provide students with opportunities to explore their passions in the classroom and community, and build the skills, knowledge, and relationships necessary to lead lives of effective action. Through valued partnerships with faculty, community practitioners, and others across the university and beyond, we deepen Brown's mission to serve the community, nation, and world through innovative, thoughtful approaches to social change.

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Brown stands apart for its commitment to social impact and innovation, whether through campus initiatives, courses, or careers:

  • Each year roughly 700 volunteers participate in 20 student-led community programs throughout Providence;
  • Fellowships and internships support nearly 100 students each summer to engage in research or direct service around the world (and blog about it!);
  • Over 75 students have participated in the Social Innovation Initiative Fellowship to design, launch, or build on social ventures;
  • Brown’s pilot TRI-Lab brings faculty, community leaders, and undergraduate and graduate students together in a year-long seminar to engage with a complex social issue and explore solutions;
  • More than two dozen faculty meet regularly as part of the Engaged Scholars initiative to support the integration of community work within their research, teaching, and practice;
  • Almost 50 first year students arrive early on campus each year to participate in the UCAAP pre-orientation program and continue on with monthly seminars exploring Providence and issues of social change;
  • Each year, 12 recent graduates from Brown and other colleges commit a year or more to full time work in the College Advising Corps, one of the largest university-K-12 partnerships in the state;
  • In recent years, as many as 47% of Brown graduates have taken their first jobs working in the nonprofit or public sector.

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